What are the 8 Superfoods and why do dogs need them

on November 24, 2021

The 8 Superfoods that Wishbone Gold is enriched with are always shown in our packaging, but what exactly are they? More importantly, what do they contribute to your dog’s health?

These are a specially formulated mix of fruits and herbs that are blended with Wishbone Gold’s kibble. Not only do they serve to balance out each serving for your dog, they also have a variety of benefits such as boosting the immune system and promoting digestive health.

Each ingredient has their own set of nutritional perks as well. Here’s what they have to offer:



Blueberries are a healthy snack for small and large dog breeds. These contain phytochemicals which help reduce risks of cancer and antioxidants which may help reduce the effects of brain aging in senior dogs.


Papaya is a tropical fruit with high amounts of fiber, which helps lower cholesterol levels and may lower risks of heart disease. Its also known for its 2 enzymes papain and chymopapain, which aid in digesting proteins and may also reduce inflammation. These may also help in providing relief with conditions like arthritis. 


This herb has been known for its medicinal properties for centuries. It’s high in Manganese, which helps in blood clotting to help wounds heal faster. Rosemary also has Carnosic Acid and phytochemicals, which may help lower the risk of cancer.


These seeds have Omega-3 fatty acids, or the good fats, which are essential to maintaining a steady heartbeat rhythm. They also contain large amounts of fiber to aid digestive health and protein to provide extra energy for dogs.


Cranberries are high in potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure and prevents stroke. These berries have vitamin C and other antioxidants, which help defend against free radicals that damage cells over time and contribute to aging. 


These fruits have high fiber and the vitamins A, B6, and E. This means that Mangoes are perfect for promoting digestive health as well as supplying antioxidants and boosting the immune system, much like Cranberries. 


This herb is best known for its anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants like beta-carotene. These are both crucial to ease itching as well as protecting cellular damage. This way, your dog’s skin can stay healthy and shiny.


Not only does it aid in digestive health, Peppermint is also known for the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties found in its oils. This makes it suitable for dogs with allergies or staphylococcus infections, which causes skin itching. 

The best way to serve these 8 Superfoods

Given the benefits of these 8 fruits and herbs, it’s best to have a dry dog food contains properly formulated amounts of each one. Wishbone Gold is one such brand that has the perfect mix of these together with New Zealand pasture-raised Lamb and Beef. 

This means that not only do your active working dogs get the best nutrition in every serving, they also make the most of each meal thanks to the added benefits of these foods.

– WishboneGold.co.nz 

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