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Welcome to Wishbone New Zealand.

The nutrition pets deserve at prices you'll love.

“Our pets are treasured family members.

Nothing gives us more joy and purpose

 than enjoying wholesome and delicious food as a family.”

- The Wishbone Family

Pets are so much more than just animals that live with us. They are our friends, our guardians, and our children. Our pets have their own distinct identities, characteristics, thoughts, feelings, tastes, and emotions.

Because pets are family. We need to provide them food with proper nutritional values to ensure their overall well-being.

From our small, family-run pet food company here in New Zealand, we source only the purest ingredients, highest quality free-range meat, and organic produce direct from local family farms. We cook all our food in small, single batches so it’s always fresh and every bag is 100% grain-free and gluten-free.

Our purpose is to show pets the same kindness, love, and respect we would give to any family member.

We make healthy, home-styled food that you can trust, straight from our family to yours.

We Love Our Pets

That’s why we never settle for anything less than the all-natural, high quality, and highly-digestible free-range meat mixed with fresh produce and specialty herbs for Wishbone.

100% Laboratory Tested

Zero Growth Hormones

Not Tested On Animals

Zero Antibiotics

Natural Ingredients

Free Range Meat

100% Paraben Free

100% infused with love

8 Superfoods for Super Pets

Wishbone is infused with the power of 8 nutrient-rich herbs, fruits and vegetables, including Basil, Cranberries, Flaxseed, and Papaya. These, along with the addition of Taurine and essential vitamins and minerals, boosts your dog's immunity from within. Keep your dogs strong and healthy in any season with Wishbone!

Boosting Whole Pet Health

Each bag of Wishbone is expertly crafted by animal nutritionists to maintain a healthy balance of 75% animal ingredients and 25% functional ingredients. This holistic approach ensures that with this one bag, your dog eats food that supports healthy hearts, bright eyes, healthy skin, shiny coats, happy tummies and healthy muscles and bones. Now that's something to wag about!

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