How Freeze-Dried Raw Can Cure Your Picky Pets’ Mealtime Boredom

on August 18, 2023


Introduction: The Benefits of Freeze-Dried Raw Toppers

Are mealtime battles with your pet becoming a daily ordeal? With freeze-dried raw toppers, the victory over mealtime boredom is finally within reach! These nutritional gems can magically transform a pet’s regular meals into a culinary delight, enticing even the pickiest eaters with vibrant, natural flavors, all while providing vital nutrients impeccably preserved through the freeze-drying process.

New Zealand: The Pioneer of Freeze-Drying Excellence

New Zealand has long been a pioneer in the freeze-drying of raw ingredients, enabling pets around the globe to enjoy the pure, wholesome benefits of raw nutrition in a convenient and safe form. It’s a groundbreaking innovation that has set new standards in pet nutrition, and it’s at the heart of what makes our latest pet food topper so special.

The Magic of Freeze-Drying

The freeze-drying process is the superhero of pet food preparation. It locks in the nutritional benefits of raw food, providing your pet with vibrant, natural nutrition without the risks of bacterial contamination or the hassles of refrigeration. Essentially, it’s raw nutrition made simple and safe.

Meet Wishbone Mix & Munch: The Ultimate Freeze-Dried Raw Topper

Now, let us introduce you to Wishbone Mix & Munch Freeze-Dried Raw Toppers for cats and dogs — the embodiment of this nutritional innovation. Crafted with a remarkable 95-96% raw ingredients from pristine New Zealand, this topper is a meal enhancer designed to complement your pets existing diet. Punch up the flavour and nutrition in your pet’s bowl with every bite of freeze-dried raw goodness!

Nutritional Excellence and Flavorful Variety

Wishbone Mix & Munch offers four mouth-watering recipes for cats and dogs:
- Beef & Venison
- Beef & Ocean Fish
- Lamb, Goat & Chicken
- Chicken & Rabbit.

Each blend is made with a blend of regular and novel proteins intended to excite your pets palate and adds a delectable twist to their regular meals. Plus, with 100% New Zealand proteins that are sustainably and ethically sourced, you're nourishing your cats and dogs with the worlds finest.

Beyond Nutrition: Health and Wellness

It doesnt stop at taste and nutrition. Wishbone Mix & Munch is infused with eight superfoods for immune health and probiotics from flaxseed for a happy, healthy gut. Its not just food; its nourishment—in harmony with your pet's regular diet.

Say Goodbye to Picky Eating

We know the struggle of a picky eater—it's mealtime, but your fur baby turns up their nose. With Wishbone Mix & Munch, their regular meals become an enticing feast! A sprinkle of this gourmet topper can entice even the most selective eater, turning mealtime frowns into tail-wagging delight.

Sustainability at Heart

We are not just about pleasing pets; we care deeply for our planet too. All our proteins and produce are sustainably sourced from local farms, fisheries and meat suppliers across New Zealand and then cooked in our own kitchens right here in the Bay of Plenty. With Wishbone Mix & Munch Freeze-Dried Raw Toppers, youre choosing a product that aligns with a responsible and loving ethos.

So, are you ready to claim victory over mealtime battles and see your pets eyes light up at mealtime? Add a sprinkle of Wishbone Mix & Munch Freeze-Dried Raw Toppers to their bowl and savor the satisfaction of knowing youre giving them not just food, but love and health in every bite.

Indulge your cats and dogs with an extra layer of love. Order Wishbone Mix & Munch now and turn mealtime into a joyous occasion, every single time.