Wishbone Mix & Munch Dog Freeze-Dried Raw Topper For Picky Pets (All Flavours 350g x 4)

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Each bundle will include a bag of:
1x Beef & Ocean Fish Freeze-Dried Raw Topper 350g
1x Beef & Venison Freeze-Dried Raw Topper 350g
1x Chicken & Rabbit Freeze-Dried Raw Topper 350g
1x Lamb, Goat & Chicken Freeze-Dried Raw Topper 350g

Beat your pet’s mealtime boredom with Mix & Munch! Freeze-dried raw to lock in maximum all-natural taste and nutrition, these tasty toppers bring a flavour explosion with every bite.

Beef & Ocean Fish: 95% Protein with the finest grass-fed Beef from New Zealand’s lush hills and valleys and Ocean fish from clear, pristine waters

Beef & Venison: 95% Protein from the finest grass-fed New Zealand Beef and free-range New Zealand Venison

Chicken & Rabbit: 96% Protein from succulent cage-free Chicken and Rabbit from New Zealand’s lush fields and farms

Lamb, Goat, Chicken: 95% Protein from delicious pasture-raised New Zealand Lamb and Goat and cage-free Chicken

Infused with the succulent flavours of 8 superfoods, Cranberries, Blueberries, Mangoes, Papaya, Rosemary, Basil, Peppermint, and Flaxseed

Enriched with Probiotics to promote a healthy gut and better digestion

Why add toppers to your pets’ meals?
1. Licked-Clean Satisfaction: Make every mealtime a win with the irresistible taste of Mix & Munch toppers

2. Happy Tummy: Probiotics coupled with a grain and gluten-free formulation promise a happy and nourished tummy.

3. Ethically Sourced: Our New Zealand meat are harvested with integrity, ensuring your choice is both nutritious and ethical.

Serve in 6 exciting ways:
1. With kibble, like their favourite Wishbone Pet Food
2. With home-cooked food
3. With canned food
4. With raw food
5. Hydrate with water or broth
6. Serve on its own as a treat!

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