100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Or your money back. ​ 

Wishbone Gold promises 100% satisfaction for your working dog. This is a guarantee given for every bag sold, and it’s a promise that we intend to honor. ​ 

​We only source the purest and freshest ingredients to make the best food that your working dogs deserve. All our products are created with the strictest standards at our plant located in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. ​ 

​Our commitment to provide optimal nutrition for pets goes beyond how and where we formulate our products. We take our customers' feedback seriously. This means giving your money back should your pet reject our product. ​ 

​We will give you a full refund on the following claims: ​ 

  1. Visible defects with the food or packaging, not caused by incorrect storage after opening. ​ 
  2. Your pet refuses to eat our food after transitioning to our product. ​ 
  3. The unlikely event that you believe the food has caused harm to your pet. 

However, we reserve the right to refuse claims relating to the following: ​ 

  1. More than half the bag of food has been used. ​ 
  2. The wrong food was purchased, and the bag was opened after purchase. ​
  3. Expired food or if the product was purchased more than 6 months ago. ​ 
  4. The bag was damaged after purchase. ​ 
  5. Obvious abuse of the guarantee on the part of the client. ​