Wishbone Stories: A glimpse into farmers and their working dogs’ lives

on March 22, 2022

To say that working dogs are important members of farms is an understatement. They're loyal partners that help protect livestock, herd them, and keep the field free of pests. Aside from being reliable, working dogs' innate desire to please their owners makes them all the more one of the best assets any farmer can have on his or her land. 

It’s no wonder why farmers are always on the lookout for the best possible diet they can give their dogs to keep them happy and sharp. In this article, we interviewed Lavinia Yeates and Michelle Harkerss, farmers based in New Zealand to know more about what it's like caring for working dogs. 

Lavinia runs a beef and sheep farm in Waikato together with her husband. They have two working dogs, both Collie crosses, named Archibald and Wallace. "Our younger dog is Wallace, named after William Wallace. As you can see we like the Scottish theme," Lavinia said. 

Michelle Harkerss, on the other hand, has a full pack. She has 5 Kelpies named: Jade, Tamzin, Buster, Max, and Paige.

Dogs on duty

Michelle's Kelpies are in charge of checking their cattle. "I work at a sheepskin tannery during the week but the dogs go out every day after I finish work to check the Angus Cattle, check fences," she said. Her Kelpies, with ages ranging from 2 years old to 10 years old, also help draft the cattle off at the yards.

Lavinia's Collie crosses also do the same type of work. "We start the working day with the dogs checking the stock, and when it's time to move the stock, they're always ready and keen to work," she said. " We could not be without them and their help. "

When asked about the most rewarding part of having a working dog, Lavinia said that it's the fact that they have a good and loyal friend who's always at their side. "We think the Collie is a great breed for a working dog. They are very intelligent and love being a working dog," she added. 

Proper nutrition for peak health

Giving dogs a balanced diet is essential to help them keep up with the daily demands of farm work. That is why Wishbone Gold is formulated with 100% free-range New Zealand Beef and Lamb to help build and maintain muscle mass. It's also enriched with the power of 8 Superfoods: Mango, Papaya, Blueberries, Cranberries, Flaxseed, Rosemary, Basil, and Peppermint. Each superfood helps boost the immune system and promote healthy digestion.

To help keep dogs' heart and joints strong, Wishbone Gold is enhanced with Taurine and Glucosamine. 

Lavinia and Michelle trust Wishbone Gold to keep their working dogs healthy. Wishbone Gold's fresh smell and it being made in New Zealand were the initial things that made Michelle decide to switch her dogs' diet. While for Lavinia, it's quality food at a reasonable price. “Archibald is now 11 years old but is full of life and loves Wishbone Gold. The biscuits are a great size for him to eat," Lavinia added. 

The Wishbone Gold difference

Michelle noticed how her Kelpies' fur started to become shinier when she switched them over to Wishbone Gold. She feeds them twice a day depending on their weight. 

For Lavinia, it's Archie's stamina that stood out. "We have found that Wishbone Gold has helped the older dog a lot, he looks to have more energy and [is] more free moving," she said. 

More than just providing quality nutrition for working dogs, Wishbone Gold also aims to give aid for farmers too, that’s why for every bag of dog food sold, $5 goes to the Rural Support Trust, a nonprofit organisation that offers free services to farmers and rural communities.

Value for your money is always a must, especially when getting quality nutrition for your dogs. Wishbone Gold is available for $129.95 for a 20kg bag. You can also subscribe to our delivery service and get 15% off every month on delivery fees. That way, your working dogs get quality food delivered straight to your door. Click here to shop today!

– Wishbonegold.co.nz