Love Language Quest: Which One Makes Your Pup's Tail Wag?

on June 29, 2023

Welcome, pet parents, to our pawsitively delightful quiz that will uncover your dog's unique love language! Just like us humans, our fur babies have their own adorable ways of expressing and receiving love.

Get ready for some tail-wagging fun as we dive into the world of canine affection! Let's find out how your pup communicates their love in the most adorable and amusing ways.

When you come home, how does your pup show their excitement?

a) They zoom straight to their toy collection, eagerly fetching one for you to admire.
b) They jump up, showering you with sloppy kisses and wagging their tail like a helicopter.
c) They nuzzle up against your legs, seeking physical touch and a good belly rub.
d) They give you a soulful look as if to say, "Let's spend some quality time together!"
e) They bring you their leash, ready for a walk or adventure.
f) They eye the Wishbone dog food bag, drooling in anticipation of a delicious meal.

How does your dog respond when you offer praise or a kind word?

a) They bring you their favorite toy, proudly wagging their tail, expecting a playful interaction.
b) They wiggle their entire body with joy, seemingly understanding every word you say.
c) They crawl into your lap, seeking physical affection and reassurance.
d) They give you their undivided attention, eagerly listening to every word you speak.
e) They eagerly fetch your slippers or perform a trick, wanting to be of service.
f) They tilt their head at the sound of the word "Wishbone," hoping for a tasty meal.

What does your pup do when they want to spend time with you?

a) They drop a squeaky toy at your feet, inviting you to play and have some fun together.
b) They snuggle up close, gazing up at you with adoring eyes, seeking words of affirmation.
c) They give you gentle nudges and paw at your hand, longing for physical touch.
d) They bring you their leash, ready for a long walk or an exciting adventure outdoors.
e) They fetch your slippers or bring you their empty food bowl, wanting to be helpful.
f) They sit by the kitchen, staring at the Wishbone dog food bag, hoping for mealtime to begin.

How does your dog react when you give them a new toy or treat?

a) They grab it with excitement, zooming around the room, and showing off their new treasure.
b) They look at you with delight, wagging their tail furiously, as if saying, "Thank you!"
c) They nudge your hand, urging you to pet them while they enjoy their treat or play with the toy.
d) They eagerly bring you their leash, hoping for a walk to show off their new toy or treat.
e) They wait patiently, watching your every move, ready to assist with opening the packaging.
f) They sniff the air and wag their tail in anticipation when they catch a whiff of the Wishbone dog food bag.

How does your furry pal respond when you give them a gentle pat or stroke?

a) They playfully pounce on your hand, inviting more physical interaction and playtime
b) They lean into your touch, closing their eyes in bliss, soaking up the love and affirmation.
c) They curl up beside you, enjoying the warmth of your touch and seeking more cuddles.
d) They gaze up at you with eyes full of adoration, savoring every moment of your quality time.
e) They wag their tail and bring you their leash, eager for some outdoor adventures.
f) They perk up their ears and look hopeful at the sound of the Wishbone dog food bag, anticipating a tasty reward.


Mostly A's: "The Gifter" Your dog's love language seems to be all about playfulness and the joy of receiving gifts. Keep the fun flowing with interactive toys, surprise play sessions, and plenty of playdates.

Mostly B's: "Cheerful Chatter" Your dog thrives on words of affirmation and heartfelt praise. Shower them with kind words, extra attention, and lots of verbal encouragement to keep their tail wagging.

Mostly C's: "The Snuggler" Your furry friend's love language centers around physical touch and cuddles. Embrace the snuggle sessions, provide belly rubs, and create cozy environments where they can feel safe and loved.

Mostly D's: "Bonding Maestro" Your dog's love language is all about spending quality time together. Engage in regular walks, outings, and dedicated one-on-one bonding activities to strengthen your bond.

Mostly E's: "Service Superstar" Acts of service are your pup's love language! Incorporate training, engaging tasks, and opportunities for them to be helpful and contribute to the household.

Mostly F's: "The Wishbone Fanatic" Your dog's love language is undeniably linked to food, especially Wishbone. Show them love through delicious meals, tasty rewards, and occasional culinary adventures. You may check our blogs for quick and easy recipes you can try!

Discovering your dog's love language is like unlocking the secret to their heart. Remember, each dog is unique, and they may have multiple love languages or evolve over time. By tailoring your actions to their preferred language, you'll deepen the bond and create a lifetime of tail-wagging happiness together. Enjoy every moment of love, laughter, and adventures with your furry friend—because the journey is even more delightful when you speak their love language!

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