Direct From Our New Zealand Kitchen to Your Home: A Delicious Solution for Value-Conscious Pet Parents

on July 06, 2023

We all want nothing but the absolute best for our adorable furry pets, and feeding our pet is one of the ways we can regularly show them our love. But here's the thing: in the face of rising costs of living, we often face a tough choice between giving them top-notch meals and keeping our wallets happy.

As pet parents ourselves, we completely understand this, which is also why we developed Wishbone to provide the most nutritionally complete meal for your pet, while delivering you the best bang for your buck. Now you can shower your precious pets with love without emptying your piggy bank!

Direct From Our New Zealand Kitchen to Your Home:   A Delicious Solution for Value-Conscious Pet Parents

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Freshest Sustainable Ingredients for Optimal Health

There is a growing awareness that the food we make can only be as good as what goes into it. Here at Wishbone, we make sure that every single ingredient we use is fresh, top-notch, and bursting with wholesome goodness. We go the extra mile by partnering with trusted local suppliers who share our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, which makes what we do even more meaningful.

Recipes Crafted with Love

Our recipes are meticulously crafted, incorporating an array of superfoods to provide your furry friend with a wholesome and balanced diet. Our recipes showcase the natural flavours and nutritional benefits of each ingredient increasing its palatability and flavour, even with fussy eaters.

Direct from Our Kitchen to Your Home

We understand that pet food can be expensive, especially when it comes to premium options. However, by sourcing our ingredients directly, as well as offering our products directly to you, we are able to reduce costs without compromising on quality. Just place your order and we'll deliver the food straight to your doorstep, ensuring a fresher and more affordable option than many others. Your pet's health and happiness are our top priorities!

Direct from Our Kitchen to Your Home

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Best Price for Quality Nutrition

Choosing the right pet food is an important decision for every pet parent. It's a reflection of the love and care we have for our furry family members. Show them your love by giving them the best with Wishbone Pet Food – because they deserve nothing less.

Best Price for Quality Nutrition

Photo credit: @otisandtheodore on Instagram

A Variety of Flavours to Suit All Appetites 

Wishbone offers a delectable range of grain-free dry dog food in four tempting : Ocean (New Zealand King Salmon), Pasture (Premium New Zealand Lamb), Graze (Grass-fed Beef and Lamb) and Roost (Premium Chicken).  

For our feline friends, we have three equally delightful grain-free dry cat food recipes: Ocean (New Zealand King Salmon), Graze (Grass-fed Beed and Lamb) and Roost(Premium Chicken).   

Ready to treat your pets to a mouthwatering feast? Shop Wishbone here and have it delivered right at your doorstep!